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Kindle Fire by Linda Cowls

I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas. Since tablets are the Big Thing right now, I wanted to share some basic info for anyone who may be thinking about an iPad or any other of the dozen or so tablets out there now. The Kindle Fire is a very good deal for the price.

I chose the Kindle Fire for three main reasons:

On Mondays iBLOG!!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Lion Starting to Purr Better
I purchased Lion on the day it was released (July 20). Lion (new Apple operating system 10.7) is starting to purr better as I have used it for three weeks.

Automatic Shut Down: The first time I shut down with Lion it did so automatically. I checked the “shut down” button under the Apple icon. A prompt asked me if I wanted to “shut down” my computer. I said “yes” and one by one the applications closed on it’s own. In less than a minute, the MacBook Pro automatically shut down. I like this feature better than the older Snow Leopard — you had to manually closed each application before you could shut the computer down.

Shows the Non Compatible Applications: (more…)


29 Sep 2010
For those that missed the initial announcement (like me), Adobe has revised one Mac OS X product and resurrected another.

Consider Photoshop Elements the lite version of Photoshop (mostly because it is). It a great add-on to iPhoto when you need more. And with the Advanced Photo Editing option in iPhoto, you can easily use both iPhoto and Photoshop Elements at the same time in the same iPhoto app.

If you are frustrated with the new iMovie (actually it’s not that new anymore), and you want features like the time line in the original iMovie back, then Premiere Elements is right up your alley. Premiere is a replacement for iMovie (sorry, not an add-on).

Wi-Fire – Long-range WiFi Adapter – Review

19 Sep 2010
Long-range WiFi Adapter
hField Technologies
Review by Ed Danley

I recently had the opportunity to test a new product (new to me at least) called Wi-Fire. It is a long-range WiFi adapter that connects via USB. It’s not really new, Wi-Fire has been around since 2007.


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TEDxNaperville News

TEDxNaperville 2011
TEDxNaperville News

TEDxNaperville 2011 is Official
(Updated Wednesday, July 28, 2010)
It is confirmed that there will be a TEDxNaperville this Fall on 11/11/11. Can’t wait that long? Then stop by our new TEDxNaperville Salon events!

A salon event is a monthly small group meeting of TED enthusiasts. We simply watch a few TED videos, eat and drink, and partake in stimulating conversations.

TEDxNaperville Salon events are the first Monday of every month, at Quigley’s Irish Pub in downtown Naperville from 6:30-8:00pm. More information and tickets (its free!) at

Registration is required, due to limited seating.

iAds – Support your local app developer

29 March 2011

Ads, we all hate them, or most of them. Some ads, we do seem to like. Apple ads comes to mind as some of the good ones.

Anyway, ads are now present on iPhones and other iOS devices along with on Android devices. The ads might be iAds from Apple, or they might be AdMob ads from Google or they might be from some place else entirely.

As a developer, it’s amazing how many people won’t spend $1.99 or even 99 cents for an app. They want the freebies. We’ve gotten spoiled that way with TV and radio. It’s the ads that support the shows we watch. And it’s ads making the development process affordable for developers.


17 Jan 2011
Recently on the DAUG email discussion list,, there has been some discussion about backups. Time Machine makes multiple copies of backups. Great for accessing something you’ve updated seven times since you deleted the information you needed a month ago. However, a Time Machine backup is not a bootable backup. If you machine goes kablooie, you need to boot from your system disc (i.e. Snow Leopard) and select the option to restore from a Time Machine backup to restore on to a replacement machine. Of course, this will wipe out the drive on the replacement machine. Not a problem if the replacement machine is truly a replacement machine, but not a good idea if the replacement machine is simply borrowed while your machine is being repaired.

For a bootable backup, consider a program like Carbon Copy Cloner (CCC) or SuperDuper (SD). CCC is donation-ware. If you like it, they ask that you donate to support it. SD is a purchase product. SD has stated that they charge for their software mostly because of the support they provide. SD says nothing is more important than support when you need to restore from a SD backup. A bootable copy of this nature is a complete and exact copy of your boot drive. You can even setup a schedule to make a regular, timed, backup of your boot drive so it stays current.

Social Network page added!

Social Networks (the Internet kind) are new for me (Jim). I have added a Social Network page with the DuPageAUG Twitter (Eric).

Online Training sources

If you are looking for Macintosh tutorials, there are some available at these locations: (look in the bottom center panel) (look in the bottom panel) (Quick Tip of the Week)

In all of the iLife and iWork applications, go to the Help menu and you will find Video Tutorials.

If you haven’t checked out the PodCast area on iTunes, you should. There are a lot of offerings there on just about any subject. Watch them on your computer with iTunes or send them to your iPhone or iPod. Some of the best PodCasts are and many are free.

Other places to get a few tips and tricks: