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29 March 2011

Ads, we all hate them, or most of them. Some ads, we do seem to like. Apple ads comes to mind as some of the good ones.

Anyway, ads are now present on iPhones and other iOS devices along with on Android devices. The ads might be iAds from Apple, or they might be AdMob ads from Google or they might be from some place else entirely.

As a developer, it’s amazing how many people won’t spend $1.99 or even 99 cents for an app. They want the freebies. We’ve gotten spoiled that way with TV and radio. It’s the ads that support the shows we watch. And it’s ads making the development process affordable for developers.

In my first year selling my apps, I made about $75. Considering the cost of the developer program was $99, I lost out in real dollars. Not to mention the 100 hours I spent writing and testing the code. Add to that fact, Apple won’t dispense money until you reach $150 in sales. Now I’m $198 in the hole just to get a check from Apple for $150. Sure I enjoy it, but that only goes so far.

When iAds came out, I decided to give it a try. I’m a little developer with a not super popular app. But my iAd sales have been great to me. I can easily bring in over $300 per year. Not enough to retire on, but enough to bring back the joy in it.

How do the ad programs work for developers? Basically we reserve some screen real estate and put in a little piece of code that will display an ad when one is available. When an ad is sent to the app, the code comes active and the ad is displayed on the screen. Each time a new ad is displayed, I get like 1/10th of a penny. However, if you actually tap on the ad (by accident or on purpose), I get up to $1 (however usually closer to 10-25 cents).

So what can you do to help me and other developers? The obvious, tap on the ad. They usually don’t take much time and some times the ads are quite entertaining. Jokingly, I’ve been told to require my college daughter to tap on the ads 25 times a day to help pay for her education. But realistically, I’d rather each of you tap on anybody’s ad once per day to help all of us.

As a safely against self gratification, phones used by app developers can’t display real ads for our own apps. So I can’t fill my own kettle with my own efforts. That’s where you come in.

Ed Danley
Cassiopeia Information Technologies, LLC

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