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Monday, August 15, 2011

Lion Starting to Purr Better
I purchased Lion on the day it was released (July 20). Lion (new Apple operating system 10.7) is starting to purr better as I have used it for three weeks.

Automatic Shut Down: The first time I shut down with Lion it did so automatically. I checked the “shut down” button under the Apple icon. A prompt asked me if I wanted to “shut down” my computer. I said “yes” and one by one the applications closed on it’s own. In less than a minute, the MacBook Pro automatically shut down. I like this feature better than the older Snow Leopard — you had to manually closed each application before you could shut the computer down.

Shows the Non Compatible Applications: Lion shows each icon that is not compatible with Lion. You receive a prompt when you attempt to open the application. that says, “You can’t open the application _________ because PowerPC applications are no longer supported.” The application icon contains a white circle with a slash through the middle. I went through and deleted several incompatible applications. I was sad that The Print Shop is not compatible with Lion. On my older MacBook will continue to use Snow Leopard that I can use The Print Shop when I need the “neat” application. I like the application to make cards, signs, and posters. Also, I found several other applications and parts of applications in the sub-folders. I deleted all incompatible applications and related items that will not work with Lion.

Learning the Short Cuts: The F-1 to F-12 at the top of the keyboard offers short cuts:
F-1 and F-2: Raises and lowers the brightness of the screen.
F-3:Launches Mission Control which shows the number of applications which are open on your laptop.
F-4: Opens the widget screen with all of the widgets appearing. I have weather, time, dictionary, sport scores, language translator, and sticky notes on my widget page. Touching the button opens the page and a second touch closes the page.
F-5 and 6: Adjusts the contrast of the screen.
F-7,F-8, F-9; These keys control the music and music videos in iTunes. F-7 moves back in you music library. F-8 pauses and stops the selection. F-9 moves to the next selection.
F-10, F-11, F-12: These are volume controls on your sound. F-10 is the button; F-11 lowers the sound; and, F-12 raises the sound.

Experiment and Try New Stuff: I am finally learning how scroll with my fingers and I am getting that done quite easily. You stay in the middle of the touch pad and it works well. I like some of the features of the full-screen features. I think that you need to experiment and learn how to uses the new features.

On Mondays, iBlog.

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