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29 Sep 2010
For those that missed the initial announcement (like me), Adobe has revised one Mac OS X product and resurrected another.

Consider Photoshop Elements the lite version of Photoshop (mostly because it is). It a great add-on to iPhoto when you need more. And with the Advanced Photo Editing option in iPhoto, you can easily use both iPhoto and Photoshop Elements at the same time in the same iPhoto app.

If you are frustrated with the new iMovie (actually it’s not that new anymore), and you want features like the time line in the original iMovie back, then Premiere Elements is right up your alley. Premiere is a replacement for iMovie (sorry, not an add-on).

OK It’s not free like iLife that comes with your Mac, but combined price of both of these Adobe product is $120 (normally $99 each or $150 package deal). Definitely affordable and well in the worth considering bucket.

Start out by reading more about them here: Then when think you might like to give it a go, Adobe has trial versions of both packages! Simply click TRY on the page.

But to be honest, I’ve not tried them yet, just reading and listening to other reviews prompted me to post. I’m looking forward to YOUR comments!


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