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Auction 2003 pictures found!

dscn0787Ed Danley found pictures from the 2003 DuPage AUG auction!

Where did we get all of this stuff and who bought it? Do you still have some of these items?

Check out all the pictures!

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First Newsletter Found!

We had a copy of the October 1979 DAUG Newsletter and thought it was the earliest, but we found the very first one from August-September 1979. It notes the first formal meeting was a Great Success and the next meeting would be September 11, 1979. Check it out on our Newsletter page.

Happy Birthday DuPage Apple User Group!

We just turned 30!

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You may notice a few more changes here…

This page is mostly made from blog posts using WordPress. This means that more than one person can manage the site using any computer or an iPhone!

We used RapidWeaver to handle the theme and page relationships and have moved to a new host, If you have any suggestions or comments, please send them to Webmaster at DuPageAUG dot com .

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Photos from our 25th Anniversary Party Found!

daug25cakeI ran across photos I had taken at the party. Check them out!

If you have photos of any group outing or party, please contact Webmaster at DuPageAUG dot com and we will get them posted

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New site features

We are adding a number of features to our site.

  • Download area for newsletters and files
  • Meeting Summaries
  • Website Tips BLOG
  • Member Links
  • Other items listed on the Miscellaneous page
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More on hiding E-Mail addresses…

Posting your email address on a website is a sure-fire way to get an Inbox full of unsolicited email advertisements.


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Web Browsers

I had been using Safari for viewing my website development until I found a little add-on for FireFox: FireBug


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E-Mail Addresses & Robots

Among other things, the “bots” read the underlying code used to create web pages. So what does this have to do with E-mail addresses?


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FireFox RSS Feeds

Apparently, FireFox does not support RSS Feeds like Safari does. There is an add-on for FireFox named Sage. Sage claims to add RSS features to FireFox, but at this time I am not having a lot of luck getting it working. Since the site is “work in progress,” I’m hoping it is just something I have set incorrectly.

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HTML Tutorial

Also at W3 Schools, you will find a tutorial on HTML!

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